DATE                                                    EVENT                                                  LOCATION & TIME

Sunday              1/7

Monday             2/7

Tuesday             3/7

Wednesday        4/7

Thursday            5/7

Friday                6/7

Saturday            7/7                       Opening of Art Exhibit by Efstathios                             Bourtzi

                                                     Koumiotis . The Eehibit will run from 7/7                            20:00 -  24:00

                                                     until 22/7/2012

                                                                                                                                        Free entrance


Saturday            7/7                       Theatrical performance by the cultural                      Open air theatre Bourtzi

                                                     group "Ihodrama"-Olympia's Memories"                        21:00


Sunday               8/7                      Theatrical performance by the cultural                       Open air  theatre Bourtzi                                                               

                                                     group "Ihodrama" -"Olympia's Memories"                        21:00


Monday              9/7                      Theatrical performance given by the cultural              Open air theatre  Bourtzi

                                                     group "Ihodrama"- The Murderess"                                    21:00


Tuesday             10/7


Wednesday       11/7


Thursday           12/7                   Skiathos women's group dance traditional performance          Open air theatre Bourtzi



Friday                13/7                   Theatrical performance of "KOUNENES" given          Open air Theatre  Bourzti

                                                   by the theatrical group "Skinovates" organized by                          21:00

                                                  "The Two Alexanders Society"


Saturday             14/7                  Theatrical performance given by the cultural                  Open air theatre Bourtzi            

                                                     group "Ihodrama" -Olympia's Memories                             21:00


Sunday               15/7                  Theatrical performance by the cultural                            Open air theatre Bourzti

                                                   group"Ihodrama"- "Olympia's Memories"                                  21:00


Monday             16/7                   Theatrical performance given by the cultural                   Open air Theatre Bourtzi

                                                   group "Ihodrama"- "The Murderess"                                          21:00


Tuesday             17/7

Wednesday        18/7


Thursday            19/7


Friday                20/7                   Performance of traditional Karagiozi shadow                  Open air theatre Bourtzi

                                                    theatre given by Shadow Theatre Athanasiou                         21:00


Saturday            21/7                   Theatrical performance given by the cultural                     Open air theatre Bourtzi

                                                    group "Ihodrama" - "Olympia's Memories"                           21:00


Sunday              22/7                   Theatrical performance given by the cultural                     Open air theatre Bourtzi

                                                    group  "Ihodrama"                                                                  21:00


Monday             23/7                   Theatrical performance given by the cultural                      Open air theatre Bourtzi               

                                                    group "Ihodrama"- "The Murderess"                                       21:00


Monday             23/7                    Opening of art exhibit by Eleni Kousidoui                            Bourtzi

                                                     Titled "Art Born Of Art", honoring Alexander                        20:00- 24:00

                                                     Papadiamandis. The exhibit will run from  23/7                    Free entrance

                                                     until 6/8/2012



Tuesday            24/7


Wednesday      25/7


Thursday          26/7                       Theatrical performance "I WILL                                     Open air theatre Bourtzi                

                                                      SURVIVE"  Directed by Yiannis                                              21:00



Friday             27/7                         Performance  by Magician Sangara                                Open air theatre Bourtzi

                                                      "DREAMS AND ILLUSIONS"                                             21:00


Saturday         28/7                          Theatrical performance given by the cultural                   Open air theatre Bourtzi

                                                       group "Ihodrama"- Olympia's Memories"                                21:00


Sunday           29/7                          Theatrical performance given by the cultural                  Open air theatre Bourtzi    

                                                        group "Ihodrama"- "Olympia's Memories"                              21:00


Monday         30/7                           Theatrical performance given by the cultural                  Open air theatre Bourtzi                                                             

                                                        group "Ihodrama"- "The Murderess"                                        21:00


Tuesday          31/7                                                              

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